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Asian Heritage Awards
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  The Asian Heritage Society is dedicated to growing tomorrow’s leaders and creating a legacy for Asian American leaders of today. The leadership program conducts workshops that bring together students to prepare them for global and technological change, address issues affecting their respective communities and engage in problem solving. The Society also preserves the legacy of Asian Americans by honoring their achievements through the annual Asian Heritage  Awards, now in its eleventh year.

  The Society has received Congressional recognition for its community leadership and was twice honored for  its public service by the San Diego Press Club. In 2013 founders Rosalynn Carmen and Leonard Novarro received the San Diego Human Relations Commission’s  prestigious Diversity in the Media Award for focusing on achievement in San Diego’s  Asian and Pacific  slander community in its publication ASIA and for celebrating that achievement through the annual Asian Heritage Awards.

  The Award states: “The Commission is inspired by the coverage of the Asian community you have provided through the years and appreciates the vision and entrepreneurial spirit you demonstrated in starting news outlets bringing greater awareness to the community.”

  The Society has conducted health workshops in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, political education seminars for young people and career conferences exploring global change and opportunity.

  In 2012, in partnership with Alliant International University, a global academic institution, the Society launched BOOSTEM, a program that combines entrepreneurial education with science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to infuse middle school girls of Asian and Hispanic descent with the spirit to compete in the rapidly changing global marketplace and to aspire to careers in science, technology and business.

•  Bringing innovative ideas and business to America to benefit both economy in America and business overseas
•  Creating an atmosphere of trust and creativity for entrepreneurs from other countries to think, innovate and thrive in America
•  Product benefitting from U.S. support benefitting the U.S. foremost
• Creating opportunity for entrepreneurs in the U.S. that will improve global connection outside America.
• Young women being the greatest resource of under-nurtured talent.
• Education that prepares young people, especially females, to compete on a technological and global scale as paramount to their success.
• Innovative ideas to create a talent pipeline for emerging fields in science, technology and research.
• An environment of entrepreneurial support that only the U.S. can provide to help gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace © 2024 Copyrighted all rights reserved
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